Feeling stuck?

Feeling stuck?

This can happen when we’ve experienced a lot of stress or danger in our lives.

A lot of the time the shutdown response happens because we couldn’t process hard and uncomfortable feelings of an event (or multiple experiences) that happened to us when we were younger.

It’s actually a brilliant self-protection strategy to disconnect from what caused you harm when you were younger. However, now as an adult it can be stopping you from living the life you really want to live.

Signs you may be in a freeze response or feeling stuck:

-feel spacey or zoned out


-feel disconnected

-find it hard to concentrate

-have difficulty making decisions

-find it hard to play or move your body freely (i.e dance)

-it’s feels difficult to cry

-find your voice is monotone

-find it difficult to name exactly what you’re feeling

-tight muscles, headaches, tight jaw and shoulders

-chronic health issues

Awareness that you may be in in this shut-down state is the first step. Somatic therapy can help you understand your responses and help get you feeling unstuck!

Published by justtreeswellness

I am a therapist in B.C offering virtual sessions for people who want help with anxiety, stress, life transitions and burnout.

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