Just Trees Wellness

Just Trees Wellness

Virtual online therapy for anxiety and recovery from burnout in B.C.

Hi, I’m Julie.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and I specialize in helping people with anxiety, self-esteem/body image, and trauma.

I support folks in understanding and having a better relationship with themselves while breaking the cycle of living in fear and feeling stuck. I can support you in expanding your comfort zone while increasing your sense of safety and confidence.

Why Just Trees?

When I first started learning how to surf I was dealing with a lot in my life. I had a lot of fear and anxiety, and was struggling to cope and move past anxiety. One day when I was surfing, I got out past the break and I was finally able to sit still and feel a sense of peace. I was able to notice the tree line and notice just trees. There was still grief, there was still fear, but I finally felt resourced enough, which means I felt connected to myself and to my surroundings. I felt I was able to cope with whatever life sent my way.

These trees made me think of how sometimes it can be the little things that can be so resourceful and nourishing. Getting out in the ocean and noticing the trees is one way I feel closer and connected to myself and feel more grounded. We all have these inner and external resources, you just may not have been able to access them yet. Sometimes they get quieted, stifled, shamed, or burnt out. Sometimes our environment isn’t safe enough to use them or we weren’t taught how to access them.

A big part of therapy is about supporting you in discovering your own resources so that you feel more connected to yourself, experience less anxiety, feel more grounded and more in control of your responses and choices.

My Philosophy

I believe that you are the expert of your own life, and I will work with you to access your own inner strength and knowledge. When people are living as their authentic selves, they experience less stress and more joy. I will support you to find your inner resources and help you develop new coping strategies that will enrich your quality of life.

Who I work with

I offer therapy for people who are struggling with anxiety, eating disorder related issues, and burnout from work, stress, or chronic illness.

Using a variety of approaches, I can help you explore ways in reaching your goals, find coping strategies to reduce anxiety and have a safe place for you to explore your feelings. I also provide psychoeducation so you can gain more understanding about your symptoms and how your feelings and thoughts are connected.

Therapeutic approach:

I use a narrative approach, helping people externalize stories they may have heard from out side of themselves growing up or from society, that are not in alignment with their true self. I am also in training to become a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), which focuses on helping people process trauma, anxiety and chronic stress.

About me:

I grew up on the beautiful west coast and love to be out in nature surfing, hiking, paddle-boarding, diving in the ocean, taking photos of wildlife (especially orcas) and going on walks with my fluffy dog, Max!

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Viktor Frankl

About Services

Rates: $135/hour

I accept payment by e-transfer or credit card which you can put securely on my online booking site on Jane.

Clients are expected to pay by the end of day that their session is on. I also charge full rates for no-shows and cancellations less than 24 hours, unless there is an emergency or illness.

LGBTQ2+ friendly

Living and working with gratitude on the traditional unceded territories of the Coast Salish.

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