Just Trees Wellness

Just Trees Wellness

Somatic-focused virtual therapy for anxiety

Julie MacNaughton is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and specializes in helping people through anxiety and recovery from burnout through a Somatic Experiencing lens.

Why Just Trees?

When I first started learning how to surf I was dealing with a lot in my life. I had a lot of fear and anxiety, and was struggling to cope and move past anxiety. One day when I was surfing, I got out past the break and I was finally able to sit still and feel a sense of peace. I was able to notice the tree line and notice just trees. There was still grief, there was still fear, but I finally felt resourced enough, which means I felt connected to myself and to my surroundings. I felt I was able to cope with whatever life sent my way.

A big part of therapy is having a counsellor support you in discovering your own resources so that you feel more connected to yourself and others, experience less anxiety, feel more grounded and more in control of your responses and decisions to start living the life you want.

My Philosophy

I believe that you are the expert of your own life, and I will work with you to access your own inner strength and knowledge so that you feel more empowered to create the life you want to be living.

Nervous system regulation is not about being calm all the time. A regulated nervous system has the capacity to go into the full range on emotions. Healing comes from growing capacity to experience pain and discomfort without getting stuck.

I can help you figure out what is causing your nervous system to become dysreguation, where you are becoming stuck, and help you in moving through it so you have more flexibility and capacity to feel all the emotions (without getting stuck!).

Who I work with

I offer therapy for people who are wanting help reduce anxiety, create a work/life balance, and recover from burnout and stress.

About me:

I grew up on the beautiful west coast and love to be out in nature. I can be found surfing, hiking, paddle-boarding, photographing wildlife (especially orcas) and going on walks with my dog.

Therapeutic approaches:

I use a narrative approach, helping people externalize beliefs about themselves they may have heard and help people develop a more authentic story for themselves.

I use a Somatic Experiencing approach, helping people process trauma, reduce anxiety and heal from chronic stress through developing tools to support the nervous system.

I was also trained in Response-Based Practice; which looks at people’s inherent ability and strength in responding to adversity & trauma. Examining people’s resistance to mistreatment can help in resolving feelings of being responsible for the trauma that they experienced.

two killer whales luring on lake

“Leaving regulation isn’t the problem.
It’s when we are caught in dysregulation, unable to find our way back to regulation, that we feel distress.”

Deb Dana

About Services

Rate: $145 (includes GST) for a 60 minute session.

Cancellation policy:

Clients are expected to pay by the end of day that their session is on. I charge full rate for no-shows and cancellations less than 24 hours, unless there is an emergency.

LGBTQ2+ friendly

Living and working with gratitude on the traditional unceded territories of the Coast Salish.

Get In Touch

  • Email: justtreeswellness@gmail.com